Special Forces Group 2

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A real-time 3D first-person shooter game called SPECIAL FORCES GROUP 2.

Singleplayer (with bots), Multiplayer Online, and Wireless Router.
game mode -9 (Classic,Resurrection,Capture the Flag,Zombie Mode,BombMode,Knives,Deathmatch,ArmsRace,Sniper)
-Armor Skins (134 pieces)
30+ Maps, 8 Characters per team
Nine pistols
Shotgun: 4
-6 Machine guns
Twelve guns, five sniper rifles, a machine gun, and three grenades
3 Bullet-resistant vest
-10 Languages (English, Yiddish, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, and Indonesian)

Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ForgeGames-147566088986482/ \sVK:https://vk.com/forgegamesgroup